Games aren't working on our schools network

Please be sure to connect with your school's tech team to discuss our inclusion list. This process can involve some troubleshooting.

Please note that every school's firewalls and filtering systems are different. It’s best to download the predetermined game, approve the URLs provided and try playing the game while checking the network to see what is being blocked. You can find our inclusion lists for each game by searching our knowledge base or in our technology guide. This will ensure that you and your students are ready for Vanta’s season.

If you are still having trouble after approving domains and testing the game, try the following suggestions:

  • Create a new “security group” on your network with different permissions for your esports players
  • Try using “wildcards” on your system by inputting *. or *.*. before the main URLs to capture any URL affiliated with the main website

General Network Requirements

  • 8 Mbps / 2 Mbps available bandwidth per player
  • 100MB network connection required
  • 1GB network connection recommended

Questions? We're happy to help. Contact us at

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