Is my gamer too young to play video games?

Many parents may wonder if their child is too young to play video games. The short answer is no. Here at Vanta, we allow gamers to join our leagues starting from age 8, but many gamers start even younger than that. While there may be some games that you prefer your kids stay away from, there are many titles that are appropriate for your kids to play starting from a young age.

The ESRB rates games for age appropriateness, with the most inclusive rank being ā€œEā€ for everyone. This means that the game is deemed reasonable for play by anyone, no matter their age. Several esports, such as Rocket League, are rated E for Everyone, and even more general video games fall under this category.

If you do plan on allowing your gamer to play games, be sure that you are monitoring the ESRB ratings of the games that they are playing. It may even be helpful to enroll them in a league with a moderated, secure environment to ensure that they are having the safest experience possible. Not only do we offer appropriate games at Vanta, but all of our games and practices are monitored by a trained moderator to ensure the safety of even our youngest participants. We ensure a safe, non-toxic  environment free from cyberbullying and harassment.

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