How do I get an esports scholarship?

Scholarships for esports are a natural emergence of the continued development of scholastic esports and national competition. They are an important part of supporting the professional esports ecosphere and are typically handled on a school-by-school basis. Much like in traditional sports, there are various organizations that host recruiting events and application processes, each with their own requirements.

As the official governing body of varsity esports, NACE (National Association of Collegiate Esports) works closely with colleges and industry leaders to establish the standards and provide all the information needed to guide students in finding the right scholarship programs and colleges to fit their needs.

NCSE is the official recruiting service partner of NACE, and their goal is to help esports athletes realize sustainable and realistic pathways towards college.

StayPluggedIn, one of our partners, also allows athletes to create profiles, search for scholarships and college esports programs, and hosts scouting events that athletes can join and compete in for an opportunity to be recruited into a college program; sometimes, these events will also offer one on one discussions with recruiters to help athletes understand career opportunities in esports and gaming.

There are many scholarship and career pathways to choose from in esports, and Vanta can be a great start in helping young athletes understand all the opportunities that are available. 

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