What is esports?

Esports is an industry that includes all things competitive gaming. From elementary school teams all of the way up to the professional level, esports is a new and ever evolving industry. Still, this industry is already massive. Newzoo projects that esports revenue will surpass $1.38 billion by the end of 2022, and that it will reach an audience of over half a billion consumers. 

The esports industry includes amateur content creation, youth programs, school programs, collegiate programs, professional teams and leagues, merchandise and brand-focused organizations, and so much more. Like the traditional sports industry, there are many opportunities for collegiate scholarship opportunities as well. At the school level, esports teams and clubs compete among themselves or against other school programs. There are many benefits to esports participation including the development of STEM skills, social emotional learning, and a sense of belonging among players. 

At Vanta, we find that 50% of our student players had never participated in an afterschool program before becoming involved in our leagues. Because of this, we find esports to be incredibly beneficial to a student’s development and believe that it is highly important for schools to offer esports to their students. 

For more information check out our schools guide to esports, or our parents guide to esports, or our esports blog.

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