How do I communicate with the opposing coach?

Communicating with the opposing coach:

  • Chat feature - You will be connected to the opposing coach 72 hrs. before gameday through our chat feature. On the Vanta Platform you will see two message bubbles on the left hand side, if you click on that icon, there you will see when you are connected with the opposing coach and can send messages.
  • Email - You can request the email address of the opposing coach by emailing us at

If you are experiencing issues with our chat feature, please be sure you’ve added the following domain to your approved list - your school’s firewall may be blocking a part of our communication systems.

NOTE: Only coaches can communicate with the opposing team, and only through the chat to the left side of the screen. Players cannot communicate with the opposing team. 

Chat Feature:

Our platform features an integrated chat system that allows school admins to chat with their player’s coaches and the coaches of opposing teams as well.

From the dashboard, you’ll see a menu on the left.

Click on the two little “chat bubbles” to access the coach chat.

In the coach chat, you’ll see the schools you’ve been connected with throughout your matches. Coaches and admins will be able to communicate with each other both during and in between matches.

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