How do I add gamers?

Below you will find steps on how to add gamers to your account on the Vanta platform.

There are two methods to add gamers to your account:

  1. Email Invite: You can invite your gamers to your account using a student email or an email that the students and parents are comfortable with you using. Our system will then send an invite email to your gamers from
    1. Manually in the invite box, one address at a time.
    2. Upload a CSV file with gamers' email addresses in the first column (only addresses).
  2. School Invite Code: Share your unique 'invite code' with your gamers. (To the right of the "Invite" button)

If inviting via email, be sure your gamers log in with the same email address that received the invitation - If not, they will not be added to your account and will be asked for parental/payment information. If students are using the correct email and still not receiving invitations, your IT department may need to add additional domains to your inclusion list/firewall.

Manual Email Invite Instructions:

Step 1. Copy and paste one of your gamers' email into the text box on your account Dashboard

Step 2. Click "Invite"

Step 3. Repeat until you have invited all of your gamers

Bulk Email Invite Instructions:

Step 1. Create an Excel or Google Sheet document

Step 2. Add all of the gamers' emails to the first column

Step 3. Click "File" > "Download" (Google Sheet) or Save As (Excel) > Select .CSV format

Step 4. Go to the Vanta Platform > Click the "Gamers" tab (bottom right)

Step 5. Click "Upload CSV" and/or "Browse File" > Select the CSV file you saved and upload

Step 6. Click "Invite"

School Invite Code Instructions:

Step 1. Locate your unique school join code on your account Dashboard

Step 2. Have your gamers go to -

Step 3. Each gamer needs to fill out the right side of the screen and enter your unique school invite code in the "Invite Code" text box

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