What are Vanta's policies for streaming matches?


Eligibility: Both teams are eligible to run their own streams on approved streaming platforms only if they communicate their intent to stream with their opponent prior to the start of the match. 

  1. If an opponent states they are not comfortable with the opposing team streaming their players, live streaming will not be allowed. In this instance the game is still allowed to be recorded by either team for the purposes of VOD reviews or to work on broadcasting skills for broadcast team members. 
  2. All streams must be run with a broadcast delay 
  3.  Members of the broadcast team are prohibited from communicating with players during the match. Teams that are found to be passing information from the broadcast team to the active team will face disciplinary action.

Additionally, Vanta streams on Twitch! We feature two kinds of broadcasts on our channel:

Coaches Spotlight

Interested in getting to know our coaches? Tuning in to our Coaches Spotlights is a great way for players, teachers and parents to understand what Vanta coaching is about and can help you gain insight into the kind of training you can expect with your own players. You'll get to know a little about our coaches experiences, their level of skill, what their particular interests are in the world of esports and why they work for Vanta.

Games of the Week

Every week, our broadcasting and production team comes together to stream some of our weekly matches. Complete with shout casting an highlights, this can not only be a great way to support your team but learn more about what it takes for our players to develop and compete.

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