Does Vanta host in person events?

As a small company, we're always looking for opportunities to grow and strengthen the Vanta community. The Fall 2022 season a marked a pivotal point of growth as we were able to launch or first ever in person Championships! Our Semi-Finals and Finals for the Texas Esports and Hawaii Esports leagues were held with the option of attending in person - players were able to participate in trophy ceremonies, go head-to-head live against the the best Vanta players of the season, and gain the experience of competing with a crowd! (both live and broadcasted on our Twitch channel).

We're excited to continue building these in person events for selected state leagues in the future. For more information, please reach out to and we'd be happy to answer any questions.
If you're wondering what our first in person Championships were like, check out this replay of our Texas Esports league Finals:
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