What are the match rules for Hearthstone?


1.1 Match Procedure

  • Tournament Teams
    • A “team” will consist of 1 Player. Multiple teams from each eligible institution will be allowed to participate in the tournament.
  • Set Length
    • All tournament sets will be played best-of-5 games.

2.1 Game Rules

  • Game Setup: Players will need to communicate via the Vanta platform to exchange usernames and add each other as friends on Battle.net so that a custom match can be created.
    • The “Home” team will create the lobby by adding their opponent as a friend, the going to the Friends tab in Hearthstone and clicking the “PLAY” button icon next to the player they are competing against.
    • Select the “Standard” option.
  • Format: Standard Conquest 
  • Decks: Each team will bring three (3) different decks that represent three (3) different classes. The classes of each deck will need to be reported to the other player before the match begins. This can be shared in the chat on the Vanta platform as proof.
    • When a player wins a game, the deck used by the winning player is now locked and cannot be used for the rest of the match.
    • When a player loses, the deck that the losing player uses can be re-used immediately, or they can switch to a different deck of their choice of the 3 that they reported that they would be using.
    • While each player will tell the other player what classes each of their decks are, they do not need to reveal which class they selected for that game until both players have chosen their deck for the game.

3.1 Restrictions

  • Banned Cards
    • Cards that are seen as largely banned across collegiate and professional competitions are likely to be banned by Vanta as well. Cards shown on the list below are unable to be used in Vanta-sanctioned competition.
    • If an opponent uses a banned card, please report to support@vanta.gg so that a forfeit loss will be awarded to the team that used the banned character.
    • Banned Cards:
      • Whizbang the Wonderful
      • Zayle, Shadow Cloak

4.1 Reporting

  • Score Reporting Format: Scores will be reported in “Win/Loss” format. Teams will indicate the number of games won by each team, final scores should be one of the following: 3-0 or 3-1
  • Forfeits: Forfeits will be considered a 3-0 win for the team that showed up to play. 
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