What are the match rules for Madden 23?


1.1 Match Procedure

  • Tournament Teams
    • A “team” will consist of one (1) Player. Multiple teams from each eligible institution will be allowed to participate in the tournament.
    • Players can only match up against other players with the same console. Playstation 5 vs. Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S vs. Xbox Series X|S.
  • Set Length
    • All tournament sets will be played as best-of-1 format.

2.1 Game Rules

  • Players will need to communicate via the Vanta platform to exchange usernames and add each other as friends in game so that a custom match can be created.
  • The team that is the designated “Home” team will set up the match.
  • Game Mode: Play With Friends
    • Select “Superstar KO”
    • Opponent: PAF (Play Against Friend)
    • Mode: NFL
    • Type: Exhibition
    • Code: Use 5678 for consistency.
    • Both players enter the code and then will be matched against each other.
  • Stoppage of Play:
    • Each team is permitted one “Pause” per match in the event of a disconnection or hardware/software malfunction. 
    • Pauses may last no longer than 5 minutes regardless of the status of the originally impacted player. 
    • Teams are required to ensure both sides are “Ready” in the chat prior to lifting the pause. 
    • Teams that use an unauthorized pause will be considered to be using an exploitable bug and will forfeit that game. 
  • Remake Procedure: In the event of a server crash that impacts all ten players, the game may be remade. Picks and bans must stay consistent with the previous iteration of the game, and the rest of the game will be played out in full. 

3.1 Team Selection

  • Select one of any of the current 32 NFL teams only. 
  • No player created teams. 
  • No legends teams.
  • Opponents can pick the same team (ie. Dallas Cowboys vs. Dallas Cowboys). Wear the Home uniform and Away uniform that corresponds with what team you are for the match.

4.1 Reporting

  • Score Reporting Format: Report the final overall score of the game (ie; 24-7) due to only one match being played. Points differential will play into the overall rankings of the league.
  • Forfeits: Forfeits will be considered a 21-0 (a three touchdown loss), so that forfeits more accurately tie in with the points differential ranking system. 
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