How do I change my league?

Through the Vanta dashboard, you can change leagues and create teams under both your associated white-label league and our Nationals league at any time.

To create a team under another associated league, you'll want to click on the small dropdown menu on the top right.

Our default nationals league will be indicated by the Vanta logo.

Once you click on the downward arrow (v), a list of leagues will appear. From there, you can switch back and forth between your association's league and our Vanta Nationals league.

For example, once you select the Texas Esports League logo, you'll be able to create teams to participate in our Texas league.

After switching to the appropriate league logo, you'll have to click on the "TEAMS" tab to create a team for that league.

Clicking "CREATE NEW TEAM FOR FALL" will open up the team creation window. Clicking on the "Select a League" dropdown at the bottom will now give you access to your associations leagues. In this case, you'll see all the available Texas leagues.

Once you've selected the proper league, fill out the rest of the details for your team and click "LETS GO" to finalize your team!

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