Where do I enter my match day lobby information for CS:GO?

Prior to any scheduled match, teams and admins will be receiving a match notification via email, which will contain all the information they need to create a lobby.

  • "Home" teams will usually be in charge of creating, while "Away" teams will simply be joining the lobby once it's created. Lobby information will not be inputted into the Vanta platform - these are instructions for creating lobbies within each respective game.
  • Vanta league CS:GO matches will be organized through the Faceit Client, which you can download here: Faceit.com. You will need to make an account and connect CS:GO as a game to your player profile. You'll also need to link your Steam account to connect to matchmaking/lobbIes.

These two short videos will guide you through the lobby creation process for CS:GO, using the Faceit client:

Questions? We're happy to help support@vanta.gg

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