My player's Epic Games account is asking for adult consent. What do I do next?

Epic Games has recently required the creation of Cabined accounts for children under 13 to have access to specific features on their platform. This means that certain games will require adult consent and verification in order to download and play.

For more information about the parent consent requirements, you can visit their Parental Consent for Epic Accounts page.

The process of creating a Cabined account is seamless to the creation of a regular Epic Games account. 

If your players do not have personal Epic accounts, we recommend making school Cabined accounts that they can use while playing for your school team. You can start visiting the Epic Games sign up page.

From there, have them enter the email and password they'll be using and click "continue".

Next, they'll be prompted to enter their birthdate.

If they're under the age of digital consent, Epic Games will generate an "Epic Display Name" for them. From here, click "continue". They will also be prompted to enter a parent/guardian consent email.

Once they're on their account portal, they'll also be able to resend parental permission requests on their "account settings" page.

Your player will be able to resend a request to a parent or guardian email by clicking "resend request", or they can change their parent/guardian consent email by clicking "change email".

Clicking "change email" will prompt a "Request Parental Permission" window where they can change the parent or guardian email associated with their account.

Once the request is submitted, follow Epic Games parent/guardian verification process to grant parental access for your players chosen game.

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