Screenshot Submission Guide

For some of our asynchronous games (Mario Kart 8, and Gran Turismo 7), we require a screenshot to be submitted for each week's scores in order to validate each player's placement. We allow until Friday for teams to submit their weekly gameday screenshots - teams that do not submit a screenshot, or submit incorrect screenshots, will have their scores invalidated.

Screenshots should be reviewed and submitted by team coaches and admins. Due to the high load of screenshot submissions we receive throughout the season, it's important that screenshots are reviewed for accuracy before they are submitted - this includes having the correct date of game for each submission, having the exact team name as seen on the platform's team page as part of the submission, and checking for accuracies in the displayed scores. A failure to provide any of these details in your screenshot submission may result in delayed or invalidated scores.

As a general rule, screenshots will have priority over scores/times submitted on the platform. If the score/time submitted through the platform is different from what is displayed in the screenshot, we will be scoring the match based on the screenshot.

***Competition for Gran Turismo 7 and Mario Kart 8 begins every Monday - coaches have until the following Friday to submit screenshots. This is a hard deadline - any screenshots submitted outside of that time window will not be validated***

You can refer to the following guidelines for proper screenshot submission for the above mentioned games:

Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 screenshots can be submitted here.

For Mario Kart 8 submissions, it's important to include a clear indication of the race's CC class as well as the track time.

To have both of these displayed, start the current week's time trial track by selecting "Single Player".

From the single player menu, select "Time Trials".

Select your character, karts and track to proceed to the time trial menu

In the time trial menu, you'll see the CC class indicator on the top right. The stage banner at the bottom should be in BLUE if you have 150cc selected - if it's in RED (200cc), press "X" to switch to the correct CC class. If you have the right CC class indicated, select "View Ghost".

Here you'll be able to check your previous best track time by selecting your "Ghost". This is the time that will be used to validate your score submission.

This last screen is the screenshot you'll need to submit to have your CC class and score verified - your time should be clearly indicated by viewing your ghost, and your CC class will be indicated by the color of the stage banner (BLUE).

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 screenshots can be submitted here.

For Gran Turismo 7, we want to make sure that the top track time and car selection are in plain view. To find this view, you'll start by selecting "World Map" from the main menu.

From there, navigate to this week's time trial track. You'll find the current week's track in "World Circuits" on the World Map.

From here, select the region of the track.

Now, select the appropriate track.

Select "Time Trial" from the bottom submenu.

From here, you'll select the appropriate layout for this week's track.

Once you have the layout loaded, you'll see your top track time on the ranking board and your car selection at the top.

This is the screenshot you'll need to submit to have your track time and car selection validated.

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