What are the match rules for Chess?


1.1 Match Procedure

  • Tournament Teams
    • A “team” will consist of 1 Player. Multiple teams from each eligible institution will be allowed to participate in the tournament.
  • Set Length
    • All tournament sets will be played best-of-3 games.

2.1 Game Rules

  • Game Lobby Setup: The designated “Home Team” will be expected to set up the Lobby. Lobby information should be communicated through the “Match Chat” channel on the Vanta Platform. Home team generates the link for the game using https://chess.com/play/playerusername (replace playerusername with the player’s username)  that will be sent to the Away Team via the Vanta Platform.
  • Mode: Standard
  • Time: 15|10
  • Spectators: Screen share via Vanta Platform 
  • Team Size: 1
  • Side Selection: The “Home Team” will select either “White” or “Black” for the first game. The losing team will get first choice in side selection for the remainder of the series. 
  • Draws: In the event of a draw, games will be awarded point values to determine a winner. If after all 3 games, players are tied in points (for example: both player A and player B have 1.5 points), games will be played until one player wins, and they will win the overall match.
    • One win = 1 point
    • Draw = .5 points
    • Example scenario 1:
      • Player A wins game 1. Score is 1-0.
      • Game 2 is a draw. Score is 1.5-.5.
      • Game 3 is also a draw. Score is now 2-1, and player A is the winner.
    • Example scenario 2:
      • Player A wins game 1. Score is 1-0.
      • Player B wins game 2. Score is 1-1.
      • Game 3 is a draw. Score is 1.5-1.5.
      • An additional game is played, Player B wins. Player B is the winner of the overall match.
  • Remake Procedure: In the event of a server crash that impacts both players, the game may be remade. Side selection must remain the same for the remade game.  

3.1 Reporting

  • Score Reporting Format: Scores will be reported in “Win/Loss” format. Teams will indicate the number of games won by each team, final scores should be one of the following: 2-0 or 2-1
  • Forfeits: Forfeits will be considered a 2-0 win for the team that showed up to play

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