How do leagues/competitions work?

Vanta offers two seasonal leagues per year, fall and spring. Each league lasts for about 12 weeks (Preseason 2 weeks, Regular Season 6-8 weeks, Playoffs). During those 12 weeks, your team(s) will compete once a week. Competitive seasons are held under single elimination rules for all leagues. Schedules vary depending on what association you are a part of. For your association's schedule please search by that association's name and add “schedule”.

ie. “AMLE schedule” or “Vanta General schedule”

The leagues themselves are separated between middle school and high school leagues. This ensures fair and engaging competition during the season.

All practices and matches are run on our proprietary, COPPA compliant, Vanta platform. Here players can video chat with each other while participating in practices and matches.

Questions? We're happy to help.

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