Vanta's leagues are free? What's the catch?

As a platform primarily geared to provide the most accessible pathway to safe, comprehensive esports training, we made the decision to make our leagues free to users who are only interested in competing, so long as there is a school admin present to ensure students adhere to our gamers code of code. This is a great way for school's to get an introduction to esports, but just as any athletic program, the foundation isn't in the competition - it's in the skill development.

There's no 'catch' in freely participating in our leagues - we simply see participation as only part of the equation; if you want your program to truly thrive, you'll need to invest in the right skills training.

This is largely where our revenue comes from - working with schools to build the right training program. We equip our skill trainers with a refined, holistically reinforced curriculum and train them every season on how to focus and apply their talents to the needs of our athletes. Proper training is what brings longevity and structure to an esports program, and our testimonials show that there's true value in bringing in the right leadership.

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