Can I use Vanta on a mobile device?

Yes! Using the Vanta platform on a mobile devices can be beneficial in many ways, as it allows students who are on single-monitor setups to be able to quickly switch back and forth between their arena chat and the game, all without having to interrupt their activities by minimizing or switching tasks on their PC.

To begin, you can head over to our login site at on your mobile device.

From here, you'll want to make an easy-to-access Home Screen shortcut. To do that, select the "Share" option for your mobile browser...

Then, in the share options, select "Add to Home Screen".

To confirm, select "Add" to finalize the shortcut URL.

You should now see a "Vanta" icon on your Home Screen.

From here you can easily open the Vanta platform and access your dashboard, just as you would on PC!

You'll be able to check your events calendar, use the coach and team chat, and enter game arenas for practices and matches, using your phone for voice and video.

Questions? We're happy to help. 

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