What features can I use in the Vanta chat?

Our integrated chat system comes equipped with three main chat features that you can use in both the arena and coach chat.

Hovering your mouse cursor over chat text will bring a popup menu where you’ll see three small icons: a smiley face, a reply arrow and three small dots.


Clicking the smiley face will bring up the emotes menu.


Clicking the reply arrow will allow you to create a thread with the sender of the message. This can be useful for keeping topics organized or starting individual discussions with players (ex: making a thread for map codes in Rocket League, or a thread for helping a specific player with their rank progress).


Clicking the three dots will allow you to flag the message for deletion. Our moderators will review the flagged comment and take the appropriate action.

Questions? We're happy to help. Email us at support@vanta.gg 

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