Why should I choose Vanta?

Vanta is approaching esports in a way that is uniquely fitted for scholastic programs. Our dedication to keeping our uncoached leagues free for schools and organizations allows us to offer the most approachable pathway to esports on the market. We’re keen on close collaboration and helping schools and orgs understand how to best run their programs, and our leadership is composed of passionate and experienced professionals with a variety of background expertise - from professionals who worked in traditional pro teams to educators and tech business wizzes.

Vanta also understands who it is that should benefit most from our operations - our youth players. We started as a company that was a direct response to cyberbullying, and our hearts are still in providing the safest and most inclusive gaming experience out there. On top of providing mentorship from some of the top vetted players in the country, we also put a special emphasis on social emotional learning and holistic education - good game-sense is important, but good life-sense is essential.

Vanta is not just a platform, it’s a community. We do our best to bring in professionals and create experiences that we know will have a lasting impact on our players, whether it’s surprise cameos from professionals like the Raidiant Academy, or hosting in person championships for state and district leagues. We want our players to feel like every season brings new and rewarding experiences.

Questions? We're happy to help. Email us at support@vanta.gg 

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