How do I get started with Vanta?

Getting started with Vanta

We know a fully geared esports program doesn’t exactly pop up overnight. Esports programs can take many shapes, forms and sizes, and one size doesn’t always fit all - this is something we’ve come to understand after working with schools, each with different budgets, facilities and district policies. Below are the steps you should take when getting started with Vanta.

Step 1. Quick Questions

Below are some quick questions before getting started:

  • Do you have approval to start an esports program?
  • Do you know what game(s) you are looking to offer your students?
  • Have you checked the latest Vanta competition schedule?
  • Do you have interest from the students? Enough to form a team?

Step 2. Technology

When starting an esports program, it is very important that you ensure students can access the game(s) you are offering so they can practice and compete. Vanta does NOT provide the games, you must have the games you are looking to offer downloaded on your hardware. For information on the games, team sizes, technology specs/requirements, and our inclusion list - please review our Technology Guide.

  • Below are a few variations on how to utilize the technology available to your students:
    • In-person Program
      • Utilize the school's PC lab - connect with your IT team to see if its possible to have the games you are looking to offer downloaded on the school's PCs.
    • Virtual Program
      • This is a good option for schools that don't have the technology at school for students to play. Have your students participate in your esports program virtually with their gaming consoles or PCs at home. The Vanta platform is capable of hosting video calls for practices and competition, allowing you to monitor and manage your teams effectively.
    • Hybrid Program
      • This is a good option if timing is an issue for your students. Have them participate at school for practices and compete at home on competition day or vice versa.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The following games are only offered on one system, meaning you will need that system to download and play. You can also find this information in our Technology Guide
    • League of Legends - PC (Windows)/Mac (Apple) only
    • Valorant - PC (Windows) only
    • Chess - PC (Windows)/Mac (Apple) only
    • Smash Bros. Ultimate - Nintendo Switch only

Step 3. Vanta Platform

Once you have your technology figured out, its time to create your account, add players, and create teams on the Vanta platform. Use the articles below to get set up!

  1. Create your account
    1. Need to add another teacher to your account? - How do I add another teacher to my account?
  2. Add your gamers
  3. Create your team(s)
    1. PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to create teams if we are half way through our current season (Fall or Spring)

Step 4. Competition Day Review

  1. Familiarize students and yourself with the competition rules for the games your teams will be competing in:
  2. If you are the "Home" team you will need to create the lobby on competition day, and send the information to the opposing coach
    1. If you aren't certain on how to set up the lobby for competition day, please see the related articles below.
    2. How do I communicate with the opposing coach?
  3. At the end of competition day you will submit your scores for that match
    1. How do I report my match scores?

Questions? We're happy to help

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