What is a bye? (Bye Week?)

A bye week, or bye match, represents a schedule alteration, usually allowed to compensate for planned and even unplanned absences (holidays, seasonal breaks, snow days, etc). At Vanta we try to accommodate bye requests within a reasonable margin - we usually allow bye weeks for Spring break, shutdowns due to storms and the Fall holidays. We highly encourage schools to let us know of any such bye requests before the start of the season to prevent your school from being matched up on weeks where players will not be able to compete. Waiting too long to request a bye week may lead to forfeitures.

Note: projected matches may still show up on your calendar the weeks leading up to your requested bye week. Projected matches are usually confirmed 72 hours before their scheduled date. Once these matches are confirmed, we will be able to reschedule them as bye matches. If you've sent in your bye requests and received confirmation from our team, you can disregard matches that are still projected for those days on your calendar.

To request a bye week, please reach out to support@vanta.gg.

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