How does a player improve?


A big part of improving in esports can be explained through neuroscience and the concept of neuroplasticity - or the formation of new neural-pathways. This is largely done by the process of repetition and refinement, or drilling; practicing movements and ideas, again and again, until these movements and ideas become less and less uncomfortable. The goal of drilling is to establish a solid foundation of coordinated movements that players can effortlessly recall during competition.

Goal Setting

Realistic and effective goal setting is also essential to quick development, and is an important part of the Vanta curriculum. Identifying specific ranks that you want to achieve, breaking down the specific skills you need to learn (drill) to achieve that rank, and defining a sustainable timeframe to learn these skills will lead you to real results - it’s all about measuring what you want to learn, defining important actions, and understanding how much time you’ll need to achieve it.


Self-review is often overlooked or considered ‘optional’, but it can make a huge difference in understanding how to effectively use your time in training. Reviewing VoD’s and replays might show you mechanical weaknesses that you may not notice in a live game, or help you identify lapses in your decision making skills.


Another underrated aspect of skill development is physical exercise. Circulation plays a role in the neuroplastic processes that help with the retention of motor skills; not only is it important for overall wellness, but it’ll make skills easier to learn!


Generally, enlisting the aid of an experienced coach can help you organize and be accountable for how you spend your time training. It’s not enough to simply pour hundreds of hours into a game - structured, targeted practice will help you grow faster than someone who’s played the game longer but does little comprehensive training. A coach who already has experience targeting weaknesses and consolidating their playtime can help you significantly reduce the amount of hours required to improve.

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