Can I assign team captains?

Assigning team captains can be an excellent way to help players build leadership experience, and can also help sponsors and coaches alleviate the considerable load of running an esports program. Team captains are usually players that show concern and a desire to see their team succeed, they are often the most mechanically skilled and experienced members on the team, and they usually exhibit a level of maturity that marks them as potential leaders. 

A team captain should be a player that the rest of the team can trust when it comes to decision making - the team can rely on a team captains game sense and shotcalling. A team captain is an example for the rest of the team, whether they're helping the rest of their teammates sharpen up in practice, or they're the last ones standing in a desperately close match.

A team captain can be set by any admin on your school account - this can be done in two ways:

1. Assigning a team captain at team creation

Once you've selected the gamers you'll be adding to your team, you can select one of those gamers from the "Add team captain" dropdown menu.

Once you've finalized your team roster and select "Lets Go!", your team will be created with your selected team captain highlighted with a Captain badge.
2. Assign a team captain from your "TEAMS" tab

If you've already created a team and would like to assign a member as a team captain, you can start by visiting your "Teams" tab.

From there, click on the hamburger menu (three little dots) on the player you wish to select as captain.

Then, select "Set as team captain" from the dropdown menu.

This will prompt a confirmation window. If you're sure about your selection, click "SET AS CAPTAIN".

The gamer you selected should now be highlighted with a captain badge.

Team Captain Privileges

A team captain will have access to the matchup chat, where they can communicate with the opposing team's coaches or team captain. This can be especially useful for sponsors and coaches who are managing multiple teams at once.

They can also submit scores.

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