Can my team communicate with opposing players?

Vanta maintains a strict no cross-team chat policy for all participating players on our platform. We designed our platform to be a safe space for youth esports athletes to train and communicate with teammates - to avoid all possibility of toxic banter, gloating, bullying and intentional distractions between opposing teams, we put all cross-team communication in the responsibilities of coaches and admins. This is one of the reasons why school admin and coach observers are mandatory for competing in our free leagues; if a school admin or coach is not present for a match, cross-team communication will not be possible. 

If there is any need to reach out to the opposing team on match days, coaches and admins can communicate with each other using the coach chat.

Note: There's one exception for the restricted cross-team chat policy: Team captains! Team captains can be assigned and given access to the cross-team chat - for more information, check out our "Can I assign team captains?" article.

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