What skills do I need to learn for League of Legends?

League of Legends

As a combination of multiple video game genres (RTS, Action RPG) League of Legends demands a variety of skills that tests various faculties. Economical management, hand-eye coordination, teamwork, and keen memorization are all needed to steadily improve in all aspects of the game.  It’s for this reason that LoL is considered to have a challenging learning curve; learning how to incorporate proper itemization, understanding each champion’s abilities and the threats they present, and building the sensitivity to reliably land skillshots and non-targeting abilities can be a process that takes some time. Here are some critical factors for improving LoL:

  • Proper itemization for champion roles, and eventually, for individual champions. Item shop recommendations are a good start, but you should experiment. Consult guides, but be careful - some guides are structured for win rates at specific ranks. An item guide built for Gold rank may not necessarily be the best build for a Bronze rank player.
  • CS, or creep score, management. CS effects practically all aspects of the game - Understanding and maintaining the appropriate CS for your champion is critical for economic progress and leveling.
  • Role strength; what is your champion good at? Is his competitive win rate higher on top lane? Mid lane? Jungle? Do his abilities suggest a supportive role or a more aggressive role?
  • Champion familiarity; playing ARAM (All Random All Mid) is a great way to become familiar with champions you don’t usually play.
  • Skillshot aiming; the majority of champions will have at least one skillshot ability. League of Skillshot can be a useful tool to practice aiming and avoiding skillshots.
  • Map awareness. Being attentive to the minimap, which champions have left their lanes, and how fog of war and bushes affects your vision is key to always being in a good position. Take advantage of vision wards as much as possible!
  • A complete understanding of PVE (Player Versus Environment) is important, as securing red/blue buffs, starving the opposing jungler of resources and taking down Nashor/Dragons can turn the tide of any game.

Mentorship from a skilled coach can help accelerate growth and capitalize overall playtime - a player who spends more time training will grow faster in less amount of time than a player who isn’t structured with his practice and simply pours hundreds of hours in online scrimmages. This is one of the reasons why Vanta emphasizes the importance of incorporating expert coaching into an esports program.

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