What skills do I need to learn for Valorant?

 What do I learn in Valorant?

Valorant is a combination hero based shooter that has its roots set in the classic tactical FPS genre. Its emphasis on space control, tight movement and economy makes it one of the more challenging shooters to learn, requiring players to balance many different strategies at once. The nuances of each agent, map and weapon will have to be mastered to reach the highest competitive ranks - here are some of the fundamentals players will need to learn to start their journey to Radiant. 

Team composition: Understanding which roles are critical to your team’s composition is one of the most important factors in building a strategy. Players will need to know how their abilities contribute to the team, whether it’s dropping smoke screens to conceal your team’s movement, popping flashbangs or stun effects to disorient the enemy team, or using recon abilities to scout and gather information.

Map knowledge: Valorant is all about controlling as much space as possible. Good map awareness is highly rewarded. Securing areas that’ll put you on high ground and finding the right angles across corridors will grant you superior vision and cover, allowing you to push forward without getting pushed back. Learning where, and how, to apply smokes and flashbangs in critical areas will also help players push with minimal risk.

Weapons: Learning how to control and properly hold an angle with each gun is the basis of Valorant’s gunplay.

Movement: Movement in Valorant is very different from most shooters and requires a little more sensitivity. Players will need to learn how to identify audio queues (the sounds of footsteps, etc.) and will need to understand when it’s best to walk or run through a corridor - running will save you time, but walking will keep the enemy from knowing your location. Learning when and how to push is also important - proper use of agent abilities plays a big role in this.

Managing economy:  Learning how to prioritize equipment as a team is essential. Sometimes you’ll want to save money to help your whole team get equipped, rather than buying one expensive gun for yourself and possibly losing it, costing your whole team money. Always keep an eye on what your team needs and use your money for the good of the team.

Mentorship from a skilled coach can help accelerate growth and capitalize overall playtime - a player who spends more time training will grow faster in less amount of time than a player who isn’t structured with his practice and simply pours hundreds of hours in online scrimmages. This is one of the reasons why Vanta emphasizes the importance of incorporating expert coaching into an esports program.

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