Vanta Postseason Guide - How do I prepare for the postseason?

The Vanta postseason is the culmination of all of our player's hard work and progress through the season - this can be an exciting time for players who've been determined to make it to the playoffs. This is a time when every player wants to be at their very best - having the right preparations in place can make all the difference for teams who are driven to come out on top. With some of our state leagues now featuring in person playoffs, our postseason has never been more exciting.

Postseason is typically the last 3 weeks of the season. Here is a checklist of some of the ways your teams can start preparing for the postseason:

1. Coaching

If you've been considering signing up your teams for coaching, this would be the best time to introduce them to some new skills. Commonly, coaches will want their players 'peaking' during the post season, which all comes down to strategically setting up the right conditions for your players to be at the height of their emotional engagement and skill development. Timing is everything when it comes to peaking - if your teams end up peaking at the start or middle of the season, they may not be able to outperform the teams that are peaking in the playoffs.

Here are some articles that help you understand some of the skills Vanta coaches work on with their players:

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2. Reviewing

Teams that make it to the playoffs probably did a lot of things right - but there may have been some things that went wrong as well. This isn't always a matter of a players skill; maybe they overlooked a conflict in their schedule and it lead to an absence in a critical match, or they weren't well rested and experienced a loss due to lack of performance. Perhaps they had technical issues with their equipment or connections, or have had issues logging into the platform throughout the season. For the postseason, you'll want to make sure your players are fresh, undistracted and don't have to wrestle with unresolved tech issues - take some time to review your players schedules, tech, recovery strategies and overall understanding of how our playoffs and championships work.

This would also be a critical time to review your league standings for score accuracy - if you believe a previous game was scored incorrectly, or if the scoring for one of your previous weeks has not yet updated on the platform, you'll want to reach out to us in the weeks leading up to the playoffs to make sure we have your teams placed in the proper playoff brackets.

Here are some articles that can help you make important considerations for a smooth post season:

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3. Playoffs & Championships

Playoffs will be scheduled at the usual match times.

For leagues featuring in-person championships (Texas Esports League, Hawaii Esports League), arrangements will need to to be made to accommodate a Saturday or Sunday match day (likely to start in the morning) and transportation to the venue. The use of our esports center will be totally free, and there will be special award ceremonies for the winning teams! There will also be food and drinks and a chance to meet the Vanta staff!

For questions about our in person championships, refer to our in person events article.

Questions? We're happy to help. 

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