How does Vanta incorporate SEL and STEM education?

As an extracurricular activity, esports presents a unique opportunity to combine scholastic competition with technology learning. Our players do not only gain experience in teambuilding practices, but they also gain a deeper understanding of esports as an industry and the design work that goes into the technical balances of some of their favorite games.

In addition to learning more about a quickly expanding industry, Vanta also offers coding and design learning through our specialized camps. Players can learn the basics of writing code through Minecraft: Education Edition, they can learn the basics of 3D game design in our Unreal Engine Educator programs, and can learn how to design their own custom maps and game modes in our Fortnite: Creative Mode learning courses.

Vanta Esports Coaching

Social-emotional learning comes into play as our coaches target particular aspects of a player's ability to perform on a team:


  • How does a player's "self-talk" sound like? 
  • Are they clear on their goals? 
  • How often do they visualize? 
  • Are they intentional with how they emotionally engage in the game?


  • What skill level do they want to achieve in their game, and what kind of mechanical in-game skills do we need to strengthen to get there? 
  • How does physical exercise factor in?


  • What is the quality of their nutrition? 
  • How does nutrition effect their ability to compete?


  • Are the player's biological clocks in proper tune? 
  • Are they being intentional about their resting patterns?

Our goal is to help players form healthy mental, physical and emotional habits that will help them in and out of the game. At our highest level, Vanta implements elite level coaching philosophies that encourages team culture, leadership skills and technical aptitude.

Game Design Camps

Through our game design camp offerings, players have the opportunity to learn about all the nuts and bolts that go into designing a fully functioning game. Whether they're interested in learning how to code a robot, or how to create music using programmed triggers, there's plenty to learn and experiment with for players who are interested in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Here are some off the STEM skills players can learn through our game design camps:

Minecraft: Education Edition

  • Coding
  • Robotics

Unreal Engine: Hour of Code

  • Game design
  • Coding
  • Animation
  • Robotics

Fortnite Creative: Hour of Code

  • Game design
  • Coding
  • Music design

Through a partnership with Stem Fused, we have also made available a combination of coaching, multimedia and business education courses.

If you have an questions, we'd be happy to answer them. You can reach us at

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