What are your summer camp offerings?

Summer is a special time for Vanta. We host our usual esports offerings, which includes all of the games we offer skills training for through our regular seasons with the added possibility of longer and more flexible schedules. On top of daily skills training for our games, our Summer camp program opens up a new variety of options with game design education. 

Vanta also hosts partnership programs where industry leaders and esports professionals, such as Raidiant from Team Dignitas, make surprise cameos to talk to our players about their experiences in the industry. In the past, our Summer camp programs have included:

Esports Skills Training Camps

Our Summer camp esports training program offers the opportunity for comprehensive daily training. As opposed to our regular, in-season coaching, our Summer camp coaches will be prepared to teach essential game skills for up to 4 hour blocks, Monday through Friday. 
Here is an overview of the kinds of skills gamers will be learning in each of our games:

League of Legends

Apex Legends


Rocket League


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Basics of Game Design in the Unreal Engine

The Unreal Engine is the force behind two of our most popular esports titles, Rocket League and Fortnite, and was used in the production of the Mandalorian. It is a powerful creative tool, and allows practically every aspect of game development to be produced and directed - coding, video and sound editing, visual and level design, and is quite potent as a cinematic production tool.

In our Summer camps, Vanta players will be able to learn the basics of coding and designing through the Unreal Engine. They’ll get to experience the creation process of a fully functional 3D game.

Teaching with Fortnite Creative Mode

Did you know that you could create music in Fortnite? Make Pixel art? Design highly programmable obstacle courses and quizzing games? Fortnite can be used as an exciting, interactive teaching tool to teach young game designers the basics of conditional programming and course design.

Through our regular season, we teach gamers how to be great Fortnite players, and through our Summer camp program, we can teach them how to be Fortnite creators.

Programming a Robot in Minecraft: Education Edition

Minecraft: Education Edition is a uniquely built stand alone version of the standard Minecraft game (requires a separate license that can be purchased directly from their site), where players are tasked with programming a robot to tackle various environmental and social issues. Through our modules, we can teach young gamers the basics of coding, such as how to create boolean expressions and nested loops.

Melting polar ice caps have forced polar bears to migrate from their natural habitat - how can you program your robot to help clean up a space for them to inhabit and reunite? A village that once lived together peacefully has become fearful and segregated from their neighbors - can you use your robot to help them see the error of their ways and rebuild the unity of their past?

Minecraft: Education Edition also features a special module that introduces young players to the concept of esports. In Creative Clash: Busy Bees - Nectar Hunt, players are tasked with competing against an opposing hive to collect nectar in contested territory. Players can fly, fight and collect nectar to upgrade their capabilities and work for the prosperity of their hive.

***Note: Minecraft: Education Edition, a special standalone version of Minecraft that is designed with coding interfaces and all of the required educational features, will have to be purchased prior to attending our camps.***

For more information on Minecraft: Education Edition requirements, visit their official FAQ: IT Admin Guide. A special note: Minecraft: Education Edition runs on Chromebooks and iPads!

Guest Speakers

There are many career opportunities in the esports industry, and nothing stokes and encourages young athletes like hearing testimonies and advice from top professionals in the industry. Last Summer, Raidiant of Team Dignitas, a well known professional esports team, held surprise cameos for our Vanta players. 

Some of the cameos included Dr. Lenny D. Wiersma, performance director of Team Dignitas, who formerly worked with Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps, and Heather Garozzo, head of Raidiant and veteran in the esports business.

Vanta Summer camps are an experience that young gamers will be sure to remember.

To book an info session with one of our representatives, please visit our Esports Camps page.

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