What services and esports solutions does Vanta provide?

Vanta offers an array of esports solutions that can help boost any esports program, or provide the proper grounds of development for a newly budding program. This company was founded as a safe place for youth esports athletes to have access to structured training, and that remains our core principal to this day: safe and structured development. Our free leagues provide an accessible entry point for schools who are just starting their esports journey, and can also be used as a supplemental league for esports programs that are already well established. We also provide white label services for schools who want to use our platform to develop competition within their respective states and districts.

Here is a comprehensive list of all of the esports solutions Vanta offers:

Free leagues

Our leagues are hosted through our proprietary, COPPA compliant platform. They are reserved for schools and orgs who are interested in weekly competition for their teams. Our schedules include competition once a week, and we host matches Monday through Friday, depending on which game you'll be competing in (ex. Fortnite on Fridays, Apex on Thursdays, etc. - Please contact care@vanta.gg to make sure you have the correct schedule for your specific league). 

Our leagues are hosted on our proprietary platform, which is web based and designed to be easily accessible and approachable for schools and orgs who are new to esports, as well as those who have experience with other platforms.

For more information about our platform:

How does my team enter a match/practice room?

How do I communicate with the opposing coach?

How does the platform connect to the game?

How do I report my scores?

How do I add gamertags?

How do I add another teacher to my account?

How do I report my match scores?

For general information on how our leagues work:

How do leagues/competition work?

What are the general competition rules?

For information on how to start an esports program:

How do I start an esports program at my school?

School's guide to esports.


Our competitive skills training offers a complete turnkey solution for your esports program - we understand that running an esports program can bring a number of unexpected demands, and that finding the right coach and curriculum isn't always easy. Our goal is to make it as easy and complete as possible, especially for schools who are just beginning their esports journey. Our coaching services also come with a moderator who is ready to provide support for parents, players and admins.

For more information on our coaching services:

How does coaching work?

How do I book a coach?

What are Vanta's camp offerings?

Professional Development

Along with our free leagues, communication platform, and coaching solutions, we also offer professional development for orgs who are interested in competently and confidently leading their esports athletes.

For more information on our professional development offerings:

Does Vanta offer professional development?

Whether you're new or a veteran in facilitating youth esports programs, Vanta has solutions for all your needs.

Questions? We're happy to help. Email us at support@vanta.gg 

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