Play-from-home preparation guide

Playing from home has been the preferred option for many players that compete with us. Many parents sign up players for coaching and camps independently from a school program, which can provide more freedom and accessibility by allowing players to use their home equipment. This can also alleviate the load on schools that have limited tech options and facilities.

Similar to playing in person, there are certain preparations to consider before getting started.

Is your school handling registration?

If a school is handling player registrations for their teams, sponsors will have to coordinate with players to have their accounts and teams created. All registered players will be added under their school's account, requiring minimal interaction from parents. From there, players will be able to log on from home and their accounts will be managed by the school.

Sponsors can follow our teacher account creation guide to get their accounts set up.

Will registration be handled by a parent?

If parents will be handling registration, they can follow these steps to prepare for their first session:

STEP 1. 

Visit Select "Create an Account" at the bottom.


Choose the "Parent/Guardian" role and select continue.

STEP 3. 

Enter the email you wish to use for your account and click "CONTINUE". This should send a verification code to the email you entered.

Enter the verification code to continue.


You'll now be prompted to verify your identity.

You'll be asked for some basic information to verify your status as a legal adult.

Note: You will be asked for your SSN - this is purely for identification purposes and will be encrypted so that only the last 4 digits can be seen. We use this security measure to ensure that every parent on the platform is who they say they are.


Once your identity is verified, you'll be directed to the Vanta dashboard. From here, you click on the " GAMERS" tab to send registration invites to a gamer by entering their emails in the "INVITE PLAYER" bar.

(Note: Parent accounts do not currently feature "School Invite Codes".)

Once your gamer receives their invite email, they can click on the button in the email to complete their registration.

Clicking "Join Now" will redirect your gamer to the login page. From there, they can click on "Create an Account" under the log in button.

Next, they will select "GAMER" as their role.

They will then be asked to create a gamer account with either an email or a username and password. They'll be creating their account using the email method (make sure it's the same email address that they received their invitation with).

Once they enter their login and click "CONTINUE", they will be asked to enter the verification code that was sent to their email.

They will then be redirected to their gamer dashboard - account creation is complete and they should now appear on the parent account's "GAMERS" tab!

If the gamer would like to change their log in method from email to username and password, please refer to our "How do I add or change a username/password?" guide.

Is your hardware up to spec? 

For a list of all of our games and their hardware requirements, check out our Vanta Technology Guide.

Are your games ready to launch? 

Make sure your games are downloaded and up to date with the most current game version. You can check our download and update articles for more information.

Will you be participating in team, private or camp coaching?

Team and camp coaching can be booked as part of a school's esports program, in which case all that's required is the player's attendance. In the case of team and camp coaching that is booked by a parent, we will need to coordinate directly with parents to schedule the days and the duration of each session - this can be done through a short onboarding meeting with our Customer Success Specialists.

For details on private coaching, you can check out our "How do I sign up for private coaching?" article for details on how to book private coaches directly from both the parent and teacher's dashboard.

Questions? We're happy to help. Contact us at

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