What skills do I need to learn for Rocket League?

What do I learn in Rocket League?

Rocket League is the only esport game where players have a direct 1:1 ratio of movement, making it one of the most challenging games to master and most rewarding to learn. The coordination required is very similar to the physical body movements needed in traditional sports, making Rocket League the esports game that is closest to being an actual contact sport. This brings many challenges in cultivating spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination and mechanical execution.

Spatial awareness is most easily practice by:

  • Warming up movements in freeplay.
  • Practicing visualizing desired movements before you attempt them.
  • Noting the locations of boost pads and practicing boost routes.
  • Practicing active toggling between freecam and ballcam to understand how to best be aware of the space around you at any given time.

Here are some tips for working on hand-eye coordination:

  • Practicing drills in freeplay.
  • Practicing with map packs.
  • Practicing through custom workshop maps.
  • Playing 1 v 1 duels.
  • Practicing visualizing your controller inputs as you execute movements.

While spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination can be developed with more general training techniques, mechanical executions require more specific training. Here are a few suggestions on what to practice:

  • Ground dribbles
  • Recoveries
  • Wall play
  • Air roll shots
  • Fast aerials
  • Flicks
  • Backboard play

Mentorship from a skilled coach can help accelerate growth and capitalize overall playtime - a player who spends more time training will grow faster in less amount of time than a player who isn’t structured with his practice and simply pours hundreds of hours in online scrimmages. This is one of the reasons why Vanta emphasizes the importance of incorporating expert coaching into an esports program.

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