What are the match rules for Mario Kart 8?


1.1 Match Procedure

  • Tournament Teams
    • A “team” will consist of 1 Player. Multiple teams from each eligible institution will be allowed to participate in the tournament.
  • Set Length
    • All tournament sets will be time trials, to be executed asynchronously for each week of competition during the regular season.

2.1 Game Rules

  • Game Settings:
  • Game Lobby Setup: Time trials can be selected from the Single Player menu.
    • Select “Single Player”
    • Select “Time Trials”
    • Choose your racer.
    • Choose your car.
    • Then select the track.
    • Select “Solo Race.”
  • Game Mode: Time Trial
  • Course: Course will be announced each week via email from Vanta. Select the course that was communicated for each time trial each week.
  • Character selection: Any available character.
  • Car selection: Any available variation of car, wheels, and glider.
  • CCs: 150cc
  • Courses:
    • Week 1 (Pre-Season): Mario Kart Stadium
    • Week 2 (Pre-Season): Toad Harbor
    • Week 3: Sunshine Airport
    • Week 4: N64 Toad’s Turnpike
    • Week 5: SNES Donut Plains 3
    • Week 6: N64 Yoshi Valley
    • Week 7: Mount Wario
    • Week 8: Wii Grumble Volcano
    • Week 9: Electrodome
    • Week 10: Rainbow Road

3.1 Reporting

  • Score Reporting Format: Each player’s recorded best time will be submitted, along with a screenshot of the reported time and the car and character used.
  • Screenshot: The screenshot must show the time being submitted and the course that the time trial took place on. Failure to submit a screenshot of the reported score may result in your reported time being removed.
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