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  • What is a Vanta coach?

    Below you will find information about Vanta's expert Skills Trainers. If you would like to learn more about how Vanta can help improve your teams performance and next steps - Schedule a chat here All

  • How does a player improve?

    Drills A big part of improving in esports can be explained through neuroscience and the concept of neuroplasticity - or the formation of new neural-pathways. This is largely done by the process of

  • What skills do I need to learn for Fortnite?

    What do I learn in Fortnite? Fortnite is a very unique brand of shooter in the sense that the shooting mechanics are only a part of the equation. To fully grasp the complexity of competitive play,

  • What skills do I need to learn for Valorant?

    What do I learn in Valorant? Valorant is a combination hero based shooter that has its roots set in the classic tactical FPS genre. Its emphasis on space control, tight movement and economy makes it

  • What skills do I need to learn for Overwatch 2?

    What do I learn in Overwatch 2? Overwatch 2 brings together a complex variety of mechanics that challenges players to not only hone their aiming and hand-eye coordination skills, but requires

  • What skills do I need to learn for Apex Legends?

    What skills do I need to learn for Apex Legends? Apex Legends is a unique squad-based hero shooter that incorporates both a battle royale and three-versus-three arena mode. Beginners will be faced

  • What skills do I need to learn for Rocket League?

    What do I learn in Rocket League? Rocket League is the only esport game where players have a direct 1:1 ratio of movement, making it one of the most challenging games to master and most rewarding to

  • What skills do I need to learn for League of Legends?

    League of Legends As a combination of multiple video game genres (RTS, Action RPG) League of Legends demands a variety of skills that tests various faculties. Economical management, hand-eye

  • What skills do I need to learn for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a unique brand of the fighting game genre - in fact, it can practically be classified as it's own genre, as it's original inception on the Nintendo 64 title presented

  • What are your summer camp offerings?

    Summer is a special time for Vanta. We host our usual esports offerings, which includes all of the games we offer skills training for through our regular seasons with the added possibility of longer

  • How do I book a coach?

    Booking a Vanta coach is a simple, straight forward process that can raise the bar for your esports program and make for unforgettable experiences. If you're ready to take the first step to leveling

  • How does Vanta incorporate SEL and STEM education?

    As an extracurricular activity, esports presents a unique opportunity to combine scholastic competition with technology learning. Our players do not only gain experience in teambuilding practices,

  • Vanta Postseason Guide - How do I prepare for the postseason?

    The Vanta postseason is the culmination of all of our player's hard work and progress through the season - this can be an exciting time for players who've been determined to make it to the playoffs.

  • How does the Vanta platform connect to the game?

    Our proprietary platform is used mainly for scheduling, communicating and hosting seasonal standings in an easy to use web environment that allows teacher, coaches, admins and students to connect

  • Vanta's leagues are free? What's the catch?

    As a platform primarily geared to provide the most accessible pathway to safe, comprehensive esports training, we made the decision to make our leagues free to users who are only interested in

  • What is esports?

    Esports is an industry that includes all things competitive gaming. From elementary school teams all of the way up to the professional level, esports is a new and ever evolving industry. Still, this

  • How do I get setup for Vanta's iRacing league?

    We're excited to rev up this season with the leader in racing simulation: iRacing! Through our partnership we'll be able to offer schools authentic track experiences that'll supe up any esports

  • Tryouts preparation guide

    Building a strong foundational membership for your esports program is key to it's continued development. Whether your school is interested in building a varsity team or simply wants to develop the

  • What are Vanta's policies for streaming matches?

    Streaming Eligibility: Both teams are eligible to run their own streams on approved streaming platforms only if they communicate their intent to stream with their opponent prior to the start of the

  • Why do I need a coach?

    Coaches are the nucleus of any sports program. Experienced mentorship makes all the difference in the longevity and success of an esports program, and having a coach that understands the way a game

  • What services and esports solutions does Vanta provide?

    Vanta offers an array of esports solutions that can help boost any esports program, or provide the proper grounds of development for a newly budding program. This company was founded as a safe place

  • General Competition Rules

    VANTA GENERAL COMPETITION RULES LAST UPDATED: June 10th, 2024 PEOPLE Teams & Rosters Eligibility A single roster must be comprised of students all from the same campus/school, with exceptions that

  • What are the match rules for Madden 24?

    MADDEN 24 RULES 1.1 Match Procedure Tournament Teams A “team” will consist of one (1) Player. Multiple teams from each eligible institution will be allowed to participate in the tournament. Players

  • Play-from-home preparation guide

    Playing from home has been the preferred option for many players that compete with us. Many parents sign up players for coaching and camps independently from a school program, which can provide more

  • Vanta Privacy Policy

    Welcome to Vanta Leagues! Vanta Development Group, Inc. is the owner of Vanta Leagues (“Vanta,” “we” and “us”) and we care about your privacy. We have developed this Privacy Policy (this “Policy”) to

  • Vanta Terms of Use

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